Photo Visuals is well-known for outstanding DVD training packages for abrasive wheels and abrasive wheel machines. The excellent quality of AW3 led to Photo Visuals being given the honour of becoming the first, and only, producer of training DVDs to be accredited by The British Abrasives Federation. As specialists in this field, we make a valuable contribution to abrasive wheels training by supplying high quality training packages to a very wide range of companies, training organisations and individual training providers.

The range of abrasive wheels and machines is diverse. Trying to comprehensively deliver essential knowledge in one continuous DVD programme leads to confusion and dilutes the content. With this in mind, our publications deal with clearly defined key areas:


aw3-dvd aw3-dvd

For Abrasive wheels with Hand held Cutting-off machines and Angle Grinders.


aw3-dvd aw3-dvd

For Abrasive wheels with Bench Grinders and Floorstand machines.