'An introduction to bench grinders and floorstand machines'

BG1 DVD provides a solid foundation of essential training legally required under the 'Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations' (PUWER) for people handling, storing or working with abrasive wheels, particularly with Bench Grinders and/or Floorstand grinding machines.

The new publication includes the DVD, an 'Additional Notes' booklet and 'Key Points' leaflet.

The programme adopts a clear, practical approach, concentrating on Type 1 abrasive wheels and communicating essential legal requirements and good practice. Carefully produced, high quality visuals include demonstrations of ring testing, wheel mounting, grinding technique and wheel dressing.

BG1 DVD is divided into 6 sections;

  • Wheel selection
  • Handling and Storage
  • Examination and Testing
  • Wheel Mounting
  • Grinding, Dressing and Truing
  • Maintenance and Spindle Speed

These sections have a total running time of approximately 25 minutes and can be played together as a whole or delivered individually as required.

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